Brittney Tough Watercolour Artist WEBFloyd Fine Arts is proud to represent contemporary watercolor artist, Brittney Tough. Tough is best known for her vibrant paintings of textiles and mundane objects. Her colourful artwork capture's light, pattern, shape and texture while stirring up nostalgic memories and provoking the senses. Brittney Tough received a Fine Arts Degree in Painting from Alberta University of the Arts in 2007 and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and is an international award winning artist who has exhibited work across Canada and the United States. Her work was published in Southwest Art Magazine’s feature article 21 Under 31, The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolour Artist and the Splash hardcover series of the best in contemporary watercolor. Recently, she worked with Stoneground Paint Co. to create 3 unique Brittney Tough Watercolour Palettes that are available worldwide. She has been teaching art for over 10 years and continues to expand her practice internationally.

"I dream of my work creating an experience for people that leads to the feeling of purpose, connection and happiness." - Brittney Tough, CSPWC 

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